Not Caffeinated Enough Podcast

Episode 2. Pour Over Bloom Experiment w/ Kenzel & Tio of Three Keys Coffee

December 20, 2020

What happens when you take a tiny little bloom time of 30 seconds and double or quadruple it? The founders of Three Keys Coffee, Tio and Kenzel Fallen, and I endeavor to find out. We also discuss a number of things, including how the duo has used their roaster in the name of inclusion. Their coffee business is not only for the passion--it's for the culture. Also, what the hell is a peacherine? Let's find out.

You probably can't tell, but don't mind my odd(er) mannerisms and random voices in the intro. My roommates are just arguing in the background, no big deal.


Music: Be Free by Bartholomew Jones (@abartjones) of CxffeeBlack

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